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2019 Amazing Things!

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

This has been such a special year of releasing my album 'LIKE STARDUST" ! My producer, Bill McDermott at Omni Sound Studios in Nashville, is to be thanked, for his understanding & skill to capture my songs and sound!

Americanafest was so inspiring! Thanks to my wonderful Vocal Coach Moe Loughran at Nashville Creative House; E. Michael Harrington- Expert Copyright Witness; & Kevin Casini, Music Attorney for having me on his SWIFT & SWEEPING CHANGES IN COPYRIGHT LAW Panel, to represent the Artist's point of view.

My WSM radio debut on the ALL- NIGHTER show with the dynamic Marcia Campbell!

WMOT ROOTS RADIO featured 'CIRCLES ROUND MY HEART' on "The Local Brew" .

Thanks Ana Lee!

LIGHTNING 100 featured 'CIRCLES ROUND MY HEART" on the 615 Show, thanks to Gary Kraen!

Thank you to Kyle Creamer at RADIO SOBRO for featuring and playing my music!

Thanks to BILL WENCE, one of the Pioneers of Americana music, for helping move my songs out to NPR & Americana Radio around the world.

Eric Dahl, thank you for having me on FOX 17 ROCK & REVIEW RADIO on iHEART Radio!!!

Thanks to Bill DiLuigi, Kirsti Manna, Corey Lee Barker, & many other co writers!

All this to say, I'm so grateful for the wonderful reception and opportunities this past year has brought! But especially for the people that are walking with me, in this musical life!

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