Americana Artist Judy Paster has spent the last year writing and recording the Album, “LIKE STARDUST” with producer Bill McDermott of Omni Sound Studios, located on Music Row in Nashville. She has been sharpening her skills playing alongside hit songwriters and musicians at infamous Nashville venues such as 3rd and Lindsley, The Bluebird Cafe and The Listening Room.

Paster incorporates a fresh folk-country sound into cleverly and beautifully written songs. She makes you believe it when she sings, "…We open and close our hands, and change partners at the dance, We burn and shine just like the sky above us, and we go out like Stardust...." on the soon to be released title track 'Like Stardust'. This speaks to the way she imagines our exit from this life could be - in a beautiful burst of Stardust.

Judy comes from a place of pouring her heart, faith, & pain into songs, beginning when she was just 8 years old. Now, this modern-day Folkie weaves relatable tales of loves lost, dreams dreamed, and hope fulfilled with stunning country and rock sensibilities. The Philadelphia native's experiences as a teenager traumatized by drugs and abuse, flinging the pain into a gypsy lifestyle of van living and moving from place to place, as well as her father's death from Alzheimer's, have all shaped the person and artist she is today. Not devoid of suffering, yet ever hopeful & seeking a better life, Judy has emerged with an undeniable strength that expresses itself through a clear and pure sound. She is a classic Singer-Songwriter, whose voice and songs transcend generations and genres.

Judy's new album, 'LIKE STARDUST' was released on July 12, 2019. She is thrilled to have Nashville's own WMOT Roots Radio support for her project. Her first single, "CIRCLES ROUND MY HEART" was featured on the radio and released on July 8th, 2019. Lightning 100 has also recently played  "CIRCLES ROUND MY HEART"!

Judy takes her cues from legendary Singer-Songwriters such as Carole King, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young with simple but powerful melodies that capture the heart and soul of the listener. For her own songs, Judy has collaborated with award-winning songwriter Bill DiLuigi who boasts hundreds of film and tv placements as well as top Billboard charted Country and Americana songs.

Along the way, Judy has played at coffeehouses, breweries, wine bars, juice bars, little and big stages - from New Jersey to Arizona and everywhere in between, but never has her artistry and heart been captured and made known, the way it is today.