With a strong spirit and soaring vocals,  Nashville based Judy Paster extends a beautiful branch of freedom and peace, to a scene overwhelmed by chaos. Evoking inspiration in the listeners' ears, her music reaches across generations, and even further into the musical Cosmos by telling the tales and weaving the dreams of life. "To be here now, on country music’s storied stages and part of Nashville’s famous listening rooms’ reverential awe, is no small thing; add true love, marriage, and a steady stream of new music releases...Paster’s work, is understood."  All the while, Paster breathes life back into the timeless roots music genre. Her artistry and songs remind us why the truth seeking, bohemian lifestyle bred by folk, story-telling, and Americana continues to thrive.  


"As a singer/songwriter, Paster embodies the refreshing simplicity of the troubadour tradition,” Americana Highways noted, "Soulful and lyrical melodies are accompanied by trusted riffs and steady guitar. There is an almost luminescent quality to her beauty, and–when combined with her decidedly settled and copacetic presence- Paster seems to belong on the stage.”  


Judy’s coming Single PERFECT GIFT (REMIX) is an energetic, soulful song for the holiday season. She previously released THE RIDE, a free-spirited Country/ Americana song about enjoying life in the moment. 


Judy recently signed a Distribution deal with the highly sought-after, global tech-savvy company 'Symphonic' . She has garnered several music awards, including winning a coveted Josie Music Award for Folk/Americana Artist of the Year 2021, She also won a Canadian Covenant Award (American Dove Award) for co writing Jazz Blues Song of the Year.  She  has debuted live on WSM/Grand Ole Opry Radio in Nashville, & has been played on Americana & Country radio worldwide.





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