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Judy Paster

Judy Paster is a 3-time nominated GMA (Gospel Music Association) Award winning songwriter, living in Nashville, TN., performing a charismatic blend of folk rock songs, infused with faith. With refreshing honesty, she delivers a distinctly pure sound, reminiscent of 70's folk singers, yet with a power packed style all her own. This "petite powerhouse of sound" is armed with an acoustic guitar, full of notes that ring out hope. 

After an extended West Coast stint, Judy returned to Philly to launch her Recording career, with Media based label A.I.R. Judy’s self titled debut CD, received critical acclaim from Billboard magazine, where they said, "Paster brings her own intriguing vocal style to the table, bending many of her notes...and kicking an infectious energy into her choruses. In short, the woman knows how to sell a song." Her next project was produced by Jim Femino (award winning writer for Toby Keith). All the while, she was collaborating with successful Nashville songwriter Bill Diluigi (Senior staff writer for Rhyme Partners on Music Row). 

Recently, she moved to Nashville, TN, where she is continuing to live up to her Billboard Magazine review as an artist truly "...on the rise", with 3 GMA Canadian Covenant Award nominations (Dove Awards in the U.S.) for songs she co-wrote, and recently winning a 2015 GMA Award for Jazz Blues Song of the Year. ("Awaken My Love" by Paster, Spicer, & DiLuigi) She has been writing, recording, and performing with Dove-nominated, and Covenant award-winning Instrumentalist Sean Spicer. 

Judy's personal mission has been a mixture of finely crafted songs, that demonstrate not only her artistry and skill, but are able to convey her faith in a deep, meaningful way. Although faith these days is a controversial topic, Judy keeps it real! Whether singing or speaking, her style combines a deep abiding faith in God, with a knowledge that the world is full of intensely differing views and beliefs, hence, the human commonalities such as love, strength, humility, commitment, etc. are themes interwoven through her songs, so as not to alienate the listener. Judy's goal then, is inclusive, to be a bridge that builds relationship and understanding, and also sounds good! 

Judy can be found leading worship, performing, co-writing, and recording in Nashville, TN. She often plays at the Nashville Rescue Mission, singing to folks who have found themselves homeless and bound to addiction, now in recovery. Recently Judy appeared on Nite Line and Atlanta Live, both TV Programs where she was musical guest, and also spoke about her faith. Judy is affiliated with NSAI, NARAS, and ASCAP. She is booking a tour across the United States, don't miss the chance to catch her LIVE! 



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BIG NEWS! Check out Judy's Kickstarter Campaign: Help her go to Haiti to do Music w/ Orphans and record fresh new music in Nashville, TN! (Live link to the right under Twitter info!) 


We won a 2015 GMA Canada Covenant Award

(equal to an American Dove Award)

for Jazz Blues Song of the Year!  

Instrumental Version of 'Awaken My Love'!


Stronger the new 5 song EP is now available!

It includes 2 bonus retro tracks that were reviewed

in Billboard magazine.

Billboard magazine has said of Judy Paster

"The woman knows how to sell a song"



Stronger the 5 song EP including Bonus Retro Tracks available now! 

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