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Judy Paster

Judy Paster is a Singer Songwriter, Musician, and Worship Leader from Philadelphia, PA., living in Nashville, TN. With a distinct and refreshing folk-rock style, that is "The Sound of Truth", Judy evokes powerful vocals that express hope. Her desire is that through hearing her songs, many will experience the presence of a loving, wonderful God.

Judy is a completed, or Messianic Jewish Believer in Jesus, and has a deep passion for bringing unity to people. She is particularly interested in seeing Israel and the Jewish people fulfill their calling as a people who know their Creator intimately and personally, as well as peace between Jew and Gentile worldwide.

Judy has been writing, recording, and performing with Dove award winning Instrumentalist Sean Spicer. Recently Judy appeared on Nite Line and Atlanta Live, both Christian TV Programs where she was musical guest, and also spoke about being a Jewish Believer. She is a co-writer on the song COMFORT AND PEACE, a Canadian Dove award nominee for 'Instrumental Song of the Year' 2013, and co-writer on the song STRONGER, also a Canadian Dove award nominee for "Instrumental Song of the Year' 2014. Judy Is Co writer on GMA 2015 Winner Jazz Blues Song of the Year for 'Awaken My Love'.





News & Updates


We won a 2015 GMA Canada Covenant Award

(equal to an American Dove Award)

for Jazz Blues Song of the Year!  

Instrumental Version of 'Awaken My Love'!


Stronger the new 5 song EP is now available!

It includes 2 bonus retro tracks that were reviewed

in Billboard magazine.

Billboard magazine has said of Judy Paster

"The woman knows how to sell a song"



Stronger the 5 song EP including Bonus Retro Tracks available now! 

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